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Festive Season Business Loans for Thanksgiving & Christmas

The festive season brings with it a time of joy, celebration, and business growth. While some sectors take a hit – for example, business hotels – the vast majority of industries enjoy growth in revenues and profits. This growth can frequently be strengthened with added capital. A festive season business loan at a time like Thanksgiving, or Christmas, is a business tactic that helps businesses make the best of the season’s opportunity.


As you read ahead, you shall find information about festive season business loans, how businesses use them and what opportunities the festive seasons bring for which a festive season business loan can be utilized.

Get Working Capital for the Festive Season with Festive Season Business Loans

Most businesses choose an alternate business lender like Business Advance Funding; they go for festive season business loans to support their added needs for working capital during the coming peak season.

Research data reveals that working capital needs for the festive season can be as high as 16 times the usual for some businesses, such as a banqueting service and a gift delivery service. In such a circumstance, a business can either liquidate assets, keep unusually high liquidity, or borrow funds to support its needs. All such options are better than being unable to serve the customers’ needs.

Many businesses utilize business loans to address their added working capital needs during the festive/peak seasons.

Be Stocked and Equipped for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Another common requirement that added demand directly leads to is added need for inventory and a requirement for added or higher yield equipment.

christmas inventory

An example of a business that needs such support is as simple as a supermarket. People tend to stay home longer during holidays like Christmas. This already increases the demand for everyday items during this season. In addition, people expect supermarkets to put up Christmas sales and even special items exclusive to Christmas. All this together asks for a huge increase in the establishment’s inventory.

Choosing financing solutions leads to satisfying great demand leads to great revenue. Therefore, it is recommended to choose financing solutions as a good option.

The Opportunity that the Festive Season Brings

The two examples above show that the festive season brings a huge added revenue opportunity. However, that’s not where it stops. There’s a great opportunity for businesses to

  • Diversify
  • Capitalize on marketing
  • Capitalize on branding
  • Perform social services
  • Grow a strong community
  • Increase services and/or products offered

While this finite list only presents six ways in which many businesses take advantage of festive seasons, it is in no way complete. Festive seasons can bring many more creative and unique opportunities for various businesses of various sectors and industries.

Get reliable Funding through an Online Business Loan

Businesses increasingly are inclining towards alternate business loans, especially the ones available online. The primary reason for this is convenience. While such direct lender loans are convenient, not many lenders out there are legitimate and reliable.

We are a BBC Accredited business in operation for over a decade. Business Advance Funding maintains the highest approval rate for business loans each year. This reflects how reliable our service’s online business loan option remains.

Apply now to have your Festive Season Business Loans Approved Soon

Applying for a festive season business loan from Business Advance Funding is a simple task that starts with getting on a call with us at (800) 991-7020 or simply filling in our online loan application that asks for no extra deposits and features no impact on your credit scores.

We wish you a happy and successful festive season ahead!

Online Business Loans for Start-Ups

Not everyone is blessed with a ton of ancestral money or property to be able to open a business of their own without some financial assistance. Almost every start-up’s business owner relies on additional funding from sources outside their family. However, getting a business loan from a traditional lender for an idea that is fairly new especially if it hasn’t been implemented yet is quite difficult. Lenders like banks see larger firms as being of a lesser threat or risk when it comes to repayment which is the reason why most owners of small or medium-sized businesses may find it hard to get approved for additional monetary assistance with them.

However, that doesn’t make it impossible for a start-up to get funded by a third party. The process of online lending for businesses majorly supports SMEs and start-ups by providing them with the financial assistance that they need. As a matter of fact, most of these lenders offer a limited amount of money compared to a bank, which in itself means that they are meant to cater to smaller and newer businesses. Your business idea will not go in vain now, as online lending is meant just for you if you’re a part of the start-up business owner clan.Online Business Loans for Start-Ups

However, before diving into something as big as a financial decision for your start-up, you should know how online business loans are beneficial and how they aren’t.

Let’s first look at why online business loans can be beneficial compared to loans from other lenders:

Bad Credit is accepted: One of the biggest advantages that one can get with an online business loan is that they do not have to be concerned about their credit rating. Whether they have bad credit, good credit, or no credit history at all, they still have a higher chance of getting funded with online business loan lenders over traditional lenders.

No collateral is required: Unlike the need to offer collaterals to traditional lenders when one wants a loan from them (especially if they have a poor credit rating), there is no such requirement with online business lenders. When we say funding is easy, it certainly and undoubtedly is! The requirement for no security pledging at all is something that a lot of borrowers appreciate since they get a good chance to get funded. Also, it helps them avoid any stress related to losing something valuable thus lowering the risk factor that’s already involved in starting a whole new business.

Funding is quick: Apart from the fact that it is easy, getting funded with online business loan lenders is also a speedy process. Because the process takes place online thus avoiding the involvement of commute and because one can avoid paperwork and other lengthy, time taking procedures such as credit checks and collateral offerings, getting cash advances online is quite a fast procedure.

Some say that business loans from online lenders aren’t preferred. But why is that?

Possibly the only drawback that one can name when it comes to online business loans is their interest rates. The APRs of these loans are undeniably higher than those offered by banks. However, that’s because of the various advantages that are offered by them and this factor gives the lender a sense of security of being repaid an amount at least close enough to what was lent in case things go south and the borrower is unable to repay.

Business loans online can be really beneficial to start-up owners. All one has to do is pick the right lender and know which one is legitimate, while also being certain about repaying.

What Are The Most Profitable Small Business in 2020?

There are really some people who are born to be entrepreneurs. Their zest for successes working independently is the quality that differentiates them from others. But for many would-be entrepreneurs, the crucial choice lies in with which business he should start with? So in this article, we will be discussing the newest options for most profitable businesses that are trending in 2020.

Social Media Image

Moveable Business Ideas – As we have grown accustomed to getting everything instantly, a business that travels to their customers for providing their services is the flavor of the season. Following are the business ideas that are taking the advantage of the emerging trend

  • Doorstep Auto Repair and Car wash service.
  • Food Trucks that are mobile.
  • Electronics Repair at customer’s place.
  • In Home Fitness trainers.

Child Care Services – According to the reports published by PEW, the millennial generation will outnumber the existing generations by 2020.  So for the want to be entrepreneurs, business options that provide kid’s services can provide the best business opportunities. Starting Child day care crèches, pre and postnatal care services, child enrichment activities and such other things can be a scoring small business idea that is waiting to be capitalized on.

Business from the shared economy – With Uber and Airbnb in trend, there are huge business options for those who are planning to enter the world of entrepreneurship. You can start a sharing service of fashion accessions, a rental service for home improvement goods and if you got some extra bedroom you can go for sharing business.

Online Teaching Services – If you are a subject matter expert in some subject then you can utilize your knowledge in teaching people who are interested in knowing the subject. All that you will need will be a platform, some content and a target audience. Not much investment required. There are many sectors where your service will prove valuable, core academics, business and marketing and language classes. Let’s say you have expertise as a personal therapist, or you are a long time yoga enthusiast, you can start a lifestyle channel all by yourself and earn money.

entrepreneur job

Gourmet Food Joints – Another business that is very much in fashion is going for a business that offers gourmet food joints. Most of such impressive joints that offers scrumptious dishes or refreshing espressos and cappuccinos are hugely popular amongst the youngsters. You can think a step further and set up the office in a place that is convenient for cycling and foot traffic or arrange your place with a very informal setting with outdoor patio. Believe me, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee with some fresh bakes are bound to make your small business an instant success.

On an EndNote 

Finally, as you are determined to start your own business, you probably are very sure of two things: – you want to be your own boss and you want to make a lot of profit. While the fortune 500 market and the stocks are dominated by industry giants, you can make your entry in the market with the above mentioned most profitable small business options that are trending in 2018. In respect to the arrangement of finances, you can establish the following eligibilities, BusinessAdvanceFunding will easily approve an instant $2M loan very easily to you. The eligibilities are:-

  • 1 year old business
  • Gross sales of at least $15,000/month
  • No open bankruptcies

Reap the advantages of the business trends that are prevalent in the present economic scenario. Together with financial assistance from BusinessAdvanceFunding, the ideas of most profitable business will work wonder for you in the entrepreneurial world.