Providing Service Continuity during Business Remodeling

Providing business service continuity is often a topic discussed when a business remodeling plan or project is under consideration. There are many ideas and initiatives that can help a business provide continued services to customers while remodeling to various extents, is carried out within the business.


Here, we discuss certain points that can be used as a ready referral in such situations.

Why Consider Service Continuity?

There are lots of advantages that service continuity can provide to your business as well as your customers, especially if your business is likely to benefit from customer retention in the long run – which is probably going to be true for most businesses. Here are some of the top advantages:

  • It can save your business from losing customers permanently
  • It can create or increase trust within customers
  • It can help employees stay efficient and in-touch
  • It can provide additional exposure and a new experience to employees
  • It can help maintain cash flow

Providing Services through Alternate Channels

One of the ways in which many businesses provide continued services during remodeling, is to provide services through one or more alternate channels. Businesses often consider these options:

  1. Providing services through online channels: One of the most preferred solutions for both businesses and consumers today, is online distribution. Moving services online is possible today, across most industries.
  2. Providing Services on Call or In-Person: Another solution that is preferred by many businesses is to move to telephonic or in-person service provision.
  3. Using Facilities of a Business Partner: If you have a business partner whose infrastructure or facilities can help you continue providing services to your customers, considering such a move can be a great decision.
  4. Using Facilities of a Friendly Competitor: Some businesses may choose to move their customers to a friendly competitor when the understanding and relationship is good enough for it not to be an absolute business threat. Any such decision must only be taken after a careful consideration.

Temporary Business Continuity Set-Ups

Some businesses consider setting up temporary facilities that are dedicated to provide continued services to their customers while their existing facilities are undergoing remodeling. Such facilities may not provide full services or may simply be makeshift solutions designed to be cost effective but perhaps having less longevity. Where feasible, such a set-up may provide multiple advantages to both the business and the customers.

Funding for Business Remodeling and Service Continuity Projects

A good business remodeling plans as well as a service continuity plan always defines the source of funds that shall make the whole plan feasible to enact. While it is typically clear where expenses towards business remodeling can be allocated, here a brief list of where funds towards service continuity are often allocated:

  • Communicating with customers
  • Investing in the facilities required
  • Investing in the distribution channels
  • Performing marketing activities to create awareness

Once you have understood what funds are needed, you may need to consider a funding solution. At Business Advance Funding, we provide simplified and easy-to-apply business loans which you can use towards the remodeling as well as service continuity project of your business. A simple online loan application is all it takes to get you started towards a suitable business loan.

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