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Merchant Cash Advance – Loans Guaranteed by Direct Lender

A quick solution for a business’s financial needs, a Merchant Cash Advance from Business Advance Funding is readily available to all eligible clients, through a short and simple process that is almost fully online.
We are a direct lender – an alternative to banks and other traditional loans – and we guarantee loan approval to every business that meets our eligibility requirements and requests Merchant Capital Advances within the assessed eligibility limits. Our direct lender merchant cash advance is processed only from a single source without involving any third party.

Small Business Cash Advances for Bad Credit

Almost every business sees tough financial days. While conglomerates find lots of ways to seek financial support, the choices for a small business are limited. And when credit scores get in the way, there remain indeed very few options. We at Business Advance Funding, are one reliable option that you can bank on, during such situations to get merchant cash advances. We provide Small Business Cash Advances designed to accept bad credit scores and histories, gauging loan eligibility based on other financial indicators.

Merchant Cash Advance

High Risk Merchant Cash Advance Loans

High risk loans are typically very expensive. This is due to the expectations of high returns that are always associated with high-risk investments. Many lenders do not provide Merchant Cash Advance loans for high risk businesses. However, with Business Advance Funding, it is easy to apply and get approved for such a merchant cash advance loan as we have years of experience dealing with bad credit score holders, startup businesses, high-risk industry businesses, and so on. This experience has helped us understand what it takes, to simplify our loan process of merchant cash advances online for our clients, no matter what the situation may be.

MCA Financing by a Trusted Direct Lender

When you choose an MCA financing, it can be ideal to opt for a direct lender – and more particularly, one with a good reputation in the market. Such a non-traditional loan is typically offered by alternate lenders and not prominent banks. By choosing a trusted direct lender like us at Business Advance Funding, you can ensure that you’re getting a reliable service and a genuine deal. Simply make sure that the lender you choose has good reviews, a strong presence online and provides prompt and transparent communication – these are the easiest signs to look for in a legit direct lender of loans.

Get your Merchant Cash Advance Funding Online

A quick loan transaction awaits you. All you need to do, in order to get your Merchant Cash Advance funding now, is apply online by filling up this form. Once we receive the information we need, a brief check is followed by us getting in touch with you, to make a loan offer that suits your business needs. Upon completion of your application, the merchant cash advance loan is typically credited in just a matter of 2 business days.

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