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Laundromat Business Loans and Financing for Laundry Equipment

The Laundromat business and related businesses like dry-cleaning services, laundry equipment manufacturers and coin-wash services – all have some things in common. The businesses tend to have medium-to-high capital investments, give sustained returns and may see spikes in maintenance costs at times. At the same time, it is seen that making compromises in the investments often leads to higher running costs. Keeping these common characteristics and certain other traits of the Laundromat business in mind, we offer our specialized Laundromat business loans.
While traditional loans like bank loans and SBA loans are an option, many businesses tend to face rejections and delays in the transactions. When it comes to financing a Laundromat, the easiest solution is a reliable alternate business loan like a laundry business loan. With us as your direct lender, your business can find the right financing plan, exactly when the need is. A loan for laundry business from us at Business Advance Funding can be credited within as few as 48 business hours.

Laundry Equipment Loans

Laundry equipment doesn’t come cheap. Compromises in the brands, models and features of equipment, are also often expensive in the long run. It is for this reason that many businesses opt for laundry equipment loans. With Business Advance Funding, applying for financing for laundry equipment is simply a matter of minutes. A convenient online application can get you started and then a brief discussion with an expert shall get you a loan for a laundry business that suits the needs of your business. Upon mutual agreement, the laundry equipment loan gets credited in just a few working hours.
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Laundromat Acquisition Financing

Within the Laundromat business, it is often seen that acquisitions and mergers lead to a sustained growth. With our Laundromat acquisition financing, your business can get the funds needed to invest in the acquisition of the ideal unit or existing business that is likely to help benefit the entity as a whole. Acquisition is found especially important when competition is leading to reduced profitability, and a loan can help quicken an otherwise procrastinated transaction.

Laundromat Financing with Bad Credit

Is your business being affected by your poor personal credit history? Are business loan applications being rejected because your personal credit score is low? For Laundromat business owners seeking laundromat equipment financing and having bad credit scores, we offer just the right solution. We can approve a business loan for a laundromat strictly based on certain key financial indicators of your business, which enables us to completely rule out the impact of your personal credit score and history.

Get a Loan for your Laundry Business Now

Ready for the next step? You can get in touch with us by simply filling up the online loan application form. We shall make a brief assessment given the details that you provide and an expert from our team, shall get in touch with you, to offer you a customized Laundromat business loan. Getting a loan for your laundry business, was never this easy before!
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