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Insurance Agency Loans and Financing for Insurance Agents

A business that serves in the sector of insurance, may at any time see the need for financial support. As is the case with most businesses that see high returns, the insurance sector also experiences proportionally high risks. At certain times, with careful calculation and assessments, businesses seek insurance agency loans which from an alternate business lender like us at Business Advance Funding, is always readily available.
We also provide financing for insurance agents through which independent as well as consulting agents can take advantage of our business loans and invest the funds towards strengthening services or reaching more customers. We provide financing for insurance agents who look for funding to provide successful services to their clients.

Business Loans for Insurance Agents

Operating as an independent agent or a consultant can be both challenging and fruitful. At times, however, lack of funds is what might keep an insurance agent’s growth limited. Considering this, we serve as a quick and convenient source offering business loans for insurance agents. Our insurance agency loan can be an easy solution to get funded when you need to invest in marketing, upgrade your skills, hire an office space, hire staff to assist you or even when you need to furnish your office simply.
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Better than Choosing Personal Loans?

As an independent insurance agent, there may be times when you debate whether a personal loan is right for your business or an alternate business loan like ours is. Certain advantages make a business loan for insurance agents a right decision:

  • Section 179 tax deductions are applicable
  • Easy to record in the books of business
  • Bad credit scores are accepted
  • Amounts of up to $2M can be applied for.

Bad Credit Loans for Insurance Agencies

If you own an insurance agency but your personal credit scores are not quite healthy, getting a traditional business loan might be difficult when your personal finances and business finances are interdependent. An easy workaround in such situations is to choose a trustworthy alternate business lender like us at Business Advance Funding. With us, getting a bad credit loan from an insurance agency becomes a very easy task as we instead base our loan approval assessment only upon the figures that pertain to your business and not those that reveal your personal credit history and performance data from the past.

Apply for the Insurance Business Financing Now

Interested in knowing more about our business loans or applying for one? We have made the process very easy for you for insurance agency loans. The few details we request through our online loans application form are all that it takes as our experts work on understanding a bit about your business that helps us provide genuine answers to your queries and loan offers that suit your business needs. So, if you need to know further details or take things ahead and apply for the insurance business loan, you’re welcome to fill out our simple online application form. Get insurance agency funding in a easy-peasy manner.
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