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Gift Shop Financing

Gifts are a way of expressing love and wishes towards one another, to help one understand what they mean to a person on a special day such as a birthday or a festival, or just to show how much they care. Gift shops help people express their feelings and share their happiness with one another by offering products best suited for most occasions.
If you own a gift shop and need funding to expand, grow or up-scale your business, we’re happy to help you do so. We understand that it may not be easy for you to receive a loan from a traditional lender, but rest assured that you shall receive funding from us. We provide gift shop business loans for businesses like yours.

Funding for Gift Shops with Bad Credit

Do you have bad credit or do you have a decent credit rating? If you have bad credit, you may know by now that getting funded isn’t the easiest thing, especially from a bank. Most traditional lenders do not approve gift shop business loans for those who have poor credit ratings since they see a potential risk involved in doing so- the risk of not being repaid.
You see, a bad credit rating shows that you haven’t been paying your previous debts or were late in repaying them. That’s why, the majority of loan lenders do not agree to fund those with bad credit scores. Similarly, one with no credit score can also find it challenging to get funded since their lender may not know whether or not they may be capable of repaying them when the time comes to do so.
However, there’s nothing to worry about anymore. If you hold a bad credit score, you can still get a chance to get funded with gift shop financing by us.
We firstly, do not rely on credit checks in order to fund our borrowers which is why we completely avoid conducting hard credit checks. Instead, we depend on other factors and as long as you meet them, there shouldn’t be a problem with getting funded with gift shop business loans by us.
Gift Store Business Loans

Benefits of Our Financing

Gift Shop Financing Made Easy

The reason why we claim that applying and getting funded by us is easy is because that’s totally true. Firstly, as mentioned earlier we do not conduct hard credit checks. This not only ensures that funding is easier for you but it also avoids taking up too much of your time and ours, when it comes to approvals.
Secondly, we do not ask you to have collaterals or rather we do not ask you to provide us with collaterals in order to fund you. Whether you have something to offer to us or not is not our concern. Instead, how much you make in a month is what counts and is what we consider to fund you. As long as you make enough to repay us, you’re good to go and getting gift shop business funding becomes as easy as it can get.
Thirdly and finally, since we are based online, it is very, very easy to apply for our gift shop loans. All you have to do is visit our website, go to the application page and apply, which takes just a few minutes. You also do not have to run around to apply or receive funds as everything is done virtually/digitally.

Get Up To $2M for Your Gift Store Business

Trends keep changing and as they do, one has to keep up. So do it with your gift shops and the products they offer to your clients. We understand that investing in a gift shop includes taking a place on rent or lease, buying products to sell, investing in staff and paying them salaries and paying for the maintenance of your shop. That’s why, we offer up to $2M to help you cover all those areas.
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